MKE Week 3 of a sort…

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all the kind comments on my blog posts. I’m afraid I haven’t been able to read other peoples posts at the moment. Not that I can’t, I just really haven’t had the time.
I would like to tell you that I have left the MKE process. I have some personal things I have to take care of. I would still like to read other members blogs if you don’t mind? Steve very kindly sent the email listing our groups blog addresses.
I will continue to update this blog from time to time as there is a project that I wish to get off the ground and would appreciate comments on my process.
So here goes.
I am desperate to start a Qigong club. I received my instructor certificate a few months ago, but (there’s always a but), I have this habit of completing things and never following through.
So, I received my certificate a few months ago, and then… nothing. It went into a folder with the NLP Master Practioner Certificate and the Hypnotherapy Trainers Certificate, and various other certs with the thought “done that, what’s next?”
And then I found, you are not going to beleive this because you would have thought this would have happened a lot earlier, Tony Robbins. My only experience of him up to that point had been his cameo in Shallow Hal. I took advantage of a months free trial of Netflix and, I Am Not Your Guru.
I was shocked, literally shocked! He uses NLP, coaching, the 3 Principals and smashes it together into something truly amazing.
I got a copy of Get The Edge and Personal Power and he virtually kicked the crap out of me. I do An Hour of Power every day on an 8km walk. It motivates me, it empowers me, it has helped me to lose 14kg (that’s 31lbs, or, 2 stones and 3lbs) since the second half of June.
So what has happened? Well, this week I’ve started to weave my way through the regulatory maze that you, quite rightly, have to navigate to start a club in England.
I completed the application, and received the certificate, for the DBS check which allows me now to teach teenagers. On Monday I will take a work place first aid course that will satisfy part of the HSE element. Also next week I will find a small hall or meeting room where I can start the club.
This is all new to me guys, what are the next steps that I have missed?
Much love and namaste to everyone.
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MKE Week 2

Back on track. No IT issues this week, no injured family members this week, just very near psychotic issues, stay tuned.

Oh, there was one slight but amazingly funny episode. My 12 years old son, who already is taller than his Mother, tried out his amazing athletic abilities by doing some sort of high jump maneuver on to his bed the night before last. He sailed into the sky in his small bedroom in a perfect movement that you might only ever see seabirds perform, and as he glided down on to the mattress he went straight through the bottom of the bed. Oh my God, I am afraid to say that I couldn’t show concern, I couldn’t show anger, all I could do was just laugh, and laugh, and laugh, even when he was pleading for help to extricate him from the ruins of his bed. Oh well, another visit to IKEA, which leads perfectly into blogging about the week past on the MKE.

I swear, if I see another blue rectangle, I might just have a psychotic episode. They are every bl&%dy where. The large blue IKEA bags, if folded properly, blue rectangle. Motorway signs, blue rectangles. Spines of books, blue rectangles. Nintendo Switch controller (left hand side), blue rectangle. You see it’s so bad I’m even telling you which controller is the blue rectangle. And it goes on, paper tray, blue rectangle, packet of tissues (Boots Ultra Balm), blue rectangles…. Ahhhhhggggg!

Chores, I actually weeded the front garden. That was not so much a celebration, but more of a “what the heck happened there?” moment.

15 minutes of peace. I’m sleeping too often when I close my eyes, so now I’m trying to clam myself with my eyes open. Getting there, slowly.

The DMP. I knew really that my first attempt was a little rushed. The comments that came back really taxed me, like I was sitting a long time trying to make very small edits. I’m happier with the revision, I’m really looking forward to more comments to tax me further. You can do a lot with 400 words.

Blogging is also helping. It makes me focus not just on what’s right, but more importantly on what’s wrong.

Let the journey continue… LOVING IT!

The 1st week of the MKExperience

Well, as I’ve just mentioned in an email to Steve my guide, what a first week.

Last Sunday morning the power cable on my laptop went south. Sunday afternoon, whilst playing dodge ball with, I hasten to add, a little over zealous mother, my 12 years old son broke his little finger. We arrived back from the hospital at around 7:30 p.m. with the webinar to start at 9:00 p.m. Ouch!

Annnnd, with the laptop out of commission, I had to join the webinar by phone. You can’t see anything. I wombled my way through the beginning of the week trying to print from my mobile phone.

It gets absolutely better, hang in there. On Wednesday the power lead arrived, connected it up to the laptop, plugged it in and…. nothing! Not a blue flashing light to be seen anywhere… “Oh dear” I thought, but not in those exact words. Tried again, contact, we were ON!

First port of call, the webinar replay. Buffering, lagging, timeouts… WHAT! Commence the bemoaning on the ISP and how woefully inadequate they are.

Thursday morning, hang-on, didn’t I change that ethernet cable from the router last weekend? Swapped it out and it was “One small step for man, one giant leap for Trevor Joy!” Talking, words, moving pictures, instructions I could understand, advice that I’d never heard! BLISS!

Through the whole of this I never really lost it. I became a little frustrated, but never lost it.

I feel a changed man and ready to challenge the world after just one week. Smiley face (I have no idea how to do emoji’s here).